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The Self Powered


Empowerment! What a word uh?

What interests me about the word empowerment is the why?

Why do we need such a word?

Why are most of the search results for this word are linked to gender, to females searching for power and equality?

Let's read the synonyms for the word Empower:

I hope you all now understand why I'm here wondering why is this word being used so often lately?

Why are you seeking for a power you already have?

Are you asking for power or permission to use the power that comes from within you?

I’m creating this brand not only for myself but for everyone to focus on our own individual voices. To focus on ourselves.

As a woman who works in the construction industry by profession, I know the struggle of feeling powerless, unheard, shy against those who underestimate woman not only in the workplace but all around them.

Let’s stop being scared of being who we are because we might be labeled as being too pushy or aggressive and let’s start embracing it. And girl, if your thing is being quite than get as silent as you’d like.

I personally tend to be opposite but one of my “I hope to become my mentor one day” person is the quietest human I know. But let me tell you this, I have never seen or heard someone command a group of people with such lack of words and at times emotion.

I know its cliche but seriously don’t allow others to tell you how and who to be.

Stop seeking for others approvals on your behavior, on your level, on your tone of voice, on yourself.

You will be your best when you are true to yourself. Look deeper, look for the things your most proud off, the ones that made you smile, the moments you regretted not expressing yourself and even the ones when you said something just feel included.

Let's start this journey together and stop allowing people to think we need to be empowered, that we their permission.

Instead I invite you to love yourself, to self-power yourself.



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